Troy Landry and Nephew Holden of Swamp People

Well, I was late to the party; not even fashionably late but basically at the tail end. My friends had told me that I needed to watch Swamp People on the History Channel but I never broke down and did it. For the first time, I watched Swamp People during the Season Six premiere. Honestly, I am glad I did because it is a truly interesting show. These guys and gals literally spend 30 days “fishing” for alligators in hopes to make money for a full year? No kidding? How in the world can you kill 500 gators in 30 days?

With this being the first Swamp People show I had tuned in to I was completely unaware of the characters or the overall plot. You never know these days with some of the TV shows on. Was Swamp People an indigenous tribe that actually lived in the swamp and only ate bugs and lizards? Are there even lizards in the swamp? I digress. What I quickly learned is that Troy Landry was the big shot when it came to gator hunting. He was the ultimate gator killing badass. He also has one of the craziest accents I have ever heard.

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What Kind of Accent is Troy Landry’s Accent?

I grew up in the sticks of North Carolina in the small town of Robbinsville where Moonshiners is filmed so I know all about some southern, country accents. I have heard many dialects but the one that Troy Vincent has is something else. He puts Jim Tom Hedrick of Moonshiners to shame. During the first 10 minutes of the show I had no idea what he was talking about. He introduced his nephew Holden and I couldn’t even figure out his name was Holden.

He also said they were “fishing” for gators in Pierre Part which sounded more like Pier Park to me. If they didn’t use subtitles there is no way you would have a clue what Troy and Holden were talking about. Something interesting is that Holden calls his Uncle Troy “Nunky”. I assume this is the Cajun translation for uncle? I am not 100% certain.

How Old is Holden Landry?

In the first episode of season six there were multiple mentions of Holden being 16 years old. Troy Landry was worried that he was introducing his nephew into a very difficult life at too early of an age. Gator season opens the last Wednesday in August and concludes on the last Wednesday of September. I would assume that many of the high schools in this part of the Louisiana do not start the school year until after Labor Day weekend because of Alligator hunting season.

Holden Landry must be a junior or senior in high school at this point and I can honestly say he is a very strong looking kid for his age. It is amazing how strong younger kids are now. When I was 16 I was a scrawny little runt that weight about 130 pounds. There is no way I could have wrestled with a 500 pound alligator, nor would I have tried. A 12 inch rainbow trout was enough for me.

Where in Louisiana is Troy Landry From?

Troy and Holden Landry are from Pierre Part, Louisiana which is south of Baton Rouge and west of New Orleans. Below is a Google Map or where Pierre Part is located in Louisiana.

Pierre Part is on Lake Verret and not far from Duck Lake, Flat Lake and Lake Palourde. I am certain we will see Troy and Holden Landry traveling around to some of the other lakes and swamp areas looking to bring in 500 gators during Alligator season in August and September.

500 Gator Tags for 30 Days

When it was mentioned that Troy Landry had permits or tags for 500 gators in 30 days I almost fell out of my chair. Dear lord! That is getting it done. That means he is taking about 17 gators every single day, non stop. He doesn’t get nights or weekends off. There was also mention that he took 50 “tags” from Junior Edwards who was not happy about losing these tags.

Junior and Teresa, who he calls mama, are out to get Troy back by winning the Bounty of the Bayou for the biggest gator in the first few days of the season. Junior and Teresa go after Hercules while Troy and Holden aren’t really focused on the big catch early. When trying to get back to the area in which Hercules lives Junior and Teresa have to use an old crawfish boat that they use during crawfish season. Who knew there was a gator season and a crawfish season?

An interesting line used by Teresa was Junior being “mad as a hornet”. As you can imagine there was a little bit of twang to the way she said it. When it came down to it, Hercules was the biggest Gator caught on the first day as it was 11 feet 6.5 inches. That compared to the gator caught by Holden and Troy Landry that was 10 feet 10 inches.

RJ and Jay Paul Molinere brought in a gator that was 10 feet 5 inches. They caught their monster gator on Nutria Rat bait. RJ is a Houma Native American and he said he went back to what his mother taught him when it comes to catching gators. I guess it is common knowledge in the Houma tribe that Nutria Rat is the best bait for gators. This is what a Nutria Rat looks like:


Photo Credit

I give RJ and Jay Paul Molinere all the credit in the world when it comes to marketing. They have a website in which you can book them or buy merchandise in their online store. Why isn’t Irish Mike of Big Giant Swords or Jim Tom Hedrick of Moonshiners doing this? They could be making a killing and getting all kinds of bookings which I am sure RJ and Jay Paul are getting.

Troy Landry Choot ‘Em Website

Well, with as much credit as I give RJ and Jay Paul I have to say Troy Landry is not doing a good job marketing himself. There is a “Choot ‘Em” website but when you click the link the website is down and it says, “Sorry, services are temporarily unavailable.” This might be a brief outage but if I am searching and the website is down I just assume he has no website at all. I will check back in some other time to see if it was just down for a short amount of time.

Troy Landry does have a Twitter where he mentions appearances at places like Gander Mountain. Unfortunately, he has not updated his Twitter since October of last year. Does he realize the season premiere of Swamp People was this week? Holden Landry is a little more aware of the power of Twitter and social media as he tweeted this before the first show:

Much like the Discovery Channel, the History Channel does promote their “reality” TV shows on Twitter but I think they would benefit even more if some of the stars of the show actually live tweeted when the shows were on TV. I guess this is asking too much. I will continue to monitor the social media engagement related to the Swamp People show as the season progress.

Holden Killing His First Gator

Here is a Vine video of Holden getting his first big gator that was over 500 pounds:

As the season progresses I will try to get some more Vine videos of the memorable moments of the show.

More About Gator Hunting and Fishing

I grew up on a river in which we would fly fish for trout. There were also plenty of lakes we would fish for Bass, Pike and Bluegill. We never did anything as crazy as catch alligators. One of my friends accidentally caught a beaver once, but that was as crazy as it got. If you have been alligator hunting or fishing please comment below with your stories. I would love to hear some great gator fishing stories as I am certain there are many out there.

Also, feel free to comment with any questions or comments you may have about the show Swamp People. I would love to get a conversation going discussing some of the aspects of the show. Here is the season guidelines when it comes to the counties for Alligator season zones:


Swamp People Getting Arrested

For some reason, it always seems to be the case that the biggest interest in these reality TV shows are the arrest reports of the “stars”. If you know anything about any of the cast or stars of Swamp People getting arrested please feel free to comment below with the details.

Sons Jacob and Chase Landry

In the second episode of season 6 I was first introduced to Troy Landry’s sons Jacob and Chase. It is amazing how much they sound just like their father. On this particular show Jacob and Chase went to Amelia which is a shipping channel that offers some unique opportunities to catch some big gators. They ended up landing a few gators including a 7 footer that was worth $250. Unfortunately, they did not get a gator that was big enough to compete in the Bounty for the Bayou at Johnny’s Seafood.

Although not part of the show with Jacob and Chase I did find this quote amusing, “Getting caught with your britches down.” Anyone that grew up in the country can remember their grandma or grandpa talking about keeping your britches on.

What Size Alligator Won the Bounty of the Bayou?

In the 2015 season of Swamp People they are competing for the 2014 Bounty of the Bayou. I looked for information on the gator that ended up winning last year but could find nothing online. It is shocking how far behind this part of the country is when it comes to posting information on the Internet. At this point we know that Hercules was 11 feet 6.5 inches. Nothing has really come close to that at this point.

I get the sneaky suspicion Troy Landry and his nephew Holden are going to come in with a very big alligator during the next show. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next week on Swamp People.

Twister the Huge Gator

In the February 16th, 2015 episode of Swamp People Troy and Holden end up having trouble losing bait and time because of the famous gator Twister. Troy explains that he and Holden’s father, his brother, have been trying to catch Twister for over five years. Holden comes up with the idea of putting two hooks on the line so when Twister starts spinning and twisting he will just get hooked with the second hook. This tactic works as Holden and Troy end up landing Twister.

Although Twister is a huge 11 foot 4 inches it is not the biggest gator brought in so far for the Bounty of the Bayou. It is still the case that Hercules is on top at 11 feet 6.5 inches. It will be interesting to see if any of the other hunters can catch an alligator that is bigger than Hercules. Something interesting in this show was the fact that Liz wore black tape on her fingers. Her husband, Justin’s, fingers are all kinds of messed up. Heck, he can’t even cross them.

100th Episode of Swamp People

The 100th episode of Swamp People aired on Monday, February 23rd, 2015. They had a social media campaign in which Twitter users could communicate with RJ and Jay Paul on Twitter. Interestingly, the show focused mostly on RJ, Jay Paul, Glenn and the Landry boys. Troy Landry was not in the show at all. Seeing as he is one of the most popular characters of the show this was very surprising to me.

One of the most interesting plots of the 100th episode was the Landry boys, Jacob and Chase, had to stop an alligator from attacking a baby deer that was trying to get out of the water. This was a unique situation in that most of the time these gator hunters already have the gator on the end of a line or rope. This was a situation where they had to actively go out and get this particular gator.

We will have to see if Troy and Holden Landry are a bigger part of next week’s show as they were noticeably absent from the 100th episode.

Fatboy 700 Pound Gator

After missing Troy and Holden last week we got to see them back in action during the March 2nd, 2015 TV show. There was a mention that Troy Landry had 50 lines out in Grand Bayou but it was not proving to bring in a lot of gators. Fatboy was taking all of the food. Holden came up with the idea to double bait the hooks with rotten cow spleen. I have no idea how these guys figure out what types of bait work best.

At the end of the show Troy and Holden were reeling in Fatboy who was 700 pounds. The more I watch the Swamp People show the more I wonder how they film or tape the show. There were several scenes in which the camera was right in Troy Landry’s face as he was about to take a shot at the gator. This is either amazing filming or they have a fantastic GoPro.

Troy and Holden ended up killing Fatboy and getting him in the boat but he was not long enough to take to the Bounty of the Bayou competition at Johnny’s Seafood. It is amazing that a 750 pound gator is not long enough to enter into the competition.

Big John and The Pirate of the Bayou Gators

Also during the Swamp People episode on March 2nd, 2015 we got to meet the gators Big John and The Pirate of the Bayou. Big John was a 650 pound gator that was bending 14 aught hooks that were set up by Junior. This was a huge gator but nothing compared to Fatboy that was killed by Troy and Holden. We also briefly get to see Crazy Dougie who has gone gator hunting with Junior in the past. Crazy Dougie will be a popular character moving forward – trust me.

The other highlight of the show was The Pirate of the Bayou that was spotted by Joe and Tommy. This 11 foot 2 and a half inch gator has a white spot behind its head and has been tormenting people for years. Tommy didn’t want to leave until he had The Pirate of the Bayou in his boat. Heck, he even pull the gator in the boat before it was dead. It was quite the crazy and suspenseful scene.