Snowbird Brown of Alaskan Bush People

It is shocking how popular the Brown Family of Alaskan Bush People has become. By getting on a Discovery Channel TV show you are immediately thrust into the spotlight. As I have mentioned in previous articles and resources related to the Discovery Channel shows, it is quite obvious this channel knows how to lock viewers in. You may not agree with their shows such as Moonshiners or Amish Mafia but they get record breaking ratings every single week.

Alaskan Bush People is a show that just leaves you shaking your head. You are left wondering how anyone can raise children in such harsh conditions. On my Noah Brown Alaskan Bush People resource there are several comments pointing out that fans of this show should look at court cases such as Case 1jv-14-0109cr Billy Brown vs State of AK.  I will admit that something just seems amiss with this family like they are pushing their agenda. I think this video pretty much sums it up:

Obviously, Billy Bryan Brown is doing everything in his power to sell books. It is interesting to note that this family has lived out in the wilderness for several decades yet the father has the ability to publish not just one but several books discussing the circumstances in which he is raising his family. I find that to be quite interesting.

Snowbird Brown’s Teeth

When it comes to Snowbird Brown the most commonly asked question is, “What is wrong with her teeth?” Even in her video from 2008 it was quite obvious that Snowbird Brown needed dental work. While Billy Bryan Brown is out make documentary movies and TV shows for the Discovery Channel he is letting his children remain in dire need of dental work. I am quite positive there are plenty of dentists and orthodontists out there that will be more than happy to help the Brown children straighten their teeth.


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Much like most “reality” TV shows I think the Brown family strives on controversy. On Facebook and Twitter there are plenty of discussions about the teeth of the children. In all reality, every single one of them could use a little bit of dental work. I cannot even imagine how many cavities they must have. I guess that is what happens when you live in the Alaska Bush but can publish books, documentaries and star on TV shows.

As Snowbird Brown gets older it will be interesting to see if she makes a push to use computers, cell phones or other pieces of technology that all those of her age use. I am certain she would, at least, like to try out an iPhone. At this point in the show the Brown family has sworn off anything that is progressive or part of the modern world. I think it will be intriguing to see how money changes that. Throw a few million at them and I am willing to bet they would make a website. Oh wait, they already have one!