Rodie Sanchez of Killing Fields Discovery TV Show

Unsolved mysteries and murders are very hot in the TV, podcast and Netflix world these days. We knew it wouldn’t take too long for Discovery to figure that out. They had a hit on their hands from the word go with the Killing Fields TV show. For those unaware, this is the murder investigation of the death of Eugenie Boisfontaine in Louisiana. The show is shot just west of Baton Rouge in Iberville Parish.

While Swamp People and other Louisiana shows are coming to a close, Killing Fields is just getting started. After the success of True Detective Season 1 in Louisiana it comes as no surprise that people want more of this type of content. The star of this show is retired detective Rhodes “Rodie” Sanchez. The first thing you notice about Rodie Sanchez is his eyes. He has very light blue eyes that stare right through you.

There are literally thousands of questions about this murder case being asked every single week. After Serial gained popularity as a podcast and Making a Murderer was the talk of Netflix last December fans of homicide TV shows and mysteries are clamoring to figure out who killed a specific person.

So, feel free to discuss this TV show below. Who do you think killed¬†Eugenie Boisfontaine? Did Mike Becnel have anything to do with it? Does the owner of the Alligator Bayou Bar know anything that he isn’t saying? Who exactly was following Eugenie that neighbors say she was worried about? Will Rodie Sanchez figure this case out in season 2?

What questions do you have that have gone unanswered?