Noah “N.D.” Brown of Alaskan Bush People

If you want to talk about a group of people that is as far removed from the Internet and social media as possible the Alaskan Bush People have to be close to the top of the list. I watched this show for the first time in early 2015 and was shocked at how far removed the Browns were from society. If you haven’t watched the show, check it out on the Discovery Channel. It is truly interesting to see how this family reacts to a completely different lifestyle. It reminds me a bit of the life of Jim Tom Hedrick in Robbinsville, NC.

One of the most popular family members is Noah “N.D.” Brown. He is the youngest of five boys and is quite smart when it comes to building things. In fact, he reminds me a lot of my own brother that is really good with electronics but has no desire to actually read up on how things are configured. In the show I watched, Noah “N.D.” Brown create an arm radio that allowed him to listen to the radio from his arm. In modern society we call this an iPhone or a smartphone but he has yet to see something like that.


Does Noah Brown Have Access to a Computer?

It is interesting that many of the children of the Alaskan Bush People Brown family have uploaded videos to YouTube. In April of 2008, Noah uploaded a YouTube video discussing the autobiography his father published. Here is the video:

Throughout the show we hear Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Snowbird and Rain discuss how they would rather be out in the wilderness than in the big city. Remember, a big city to them is any place with a couple hundred people. There are a few other YouTube videos that were uploaded around 2008, well before the Alaskan Bush People show was filmed and aired on the Discovery Channel.

Interestingly, at the end of every YouTube video completed by the children they promote the book “One Wave at a Time” by Billy Bryan Brown, the father of the family. They also discuss the fact that you can buy the book at and Barnes and Noble. Does anyone else find it unusual that these children are aware of a Barnes and Noble and yet they do not know what a microwave is? Obviously, they are reading from a script but how can you promote a book on the Internet when you have supposedly never been on a computer?

I do not think Noah or any of the children have the desire to access the Internet or social media on a daily basis. That said, Noah obviously has many interests when it comes to engineering so how could he not want to see what modern technology has to offer? We won’t see Noah on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or Facebook anytime soon but it will be interesting to see if any of the future shows show him on a computer, laptop or smartphone computer. He is a very smart kid when it comes to electronics so we will likely see him working on old flip phones or other pieces of modern technology.

Alaskan Bush People Teeth

One of the first thing almost everyone notices when they tune into an episode of Alaskan Bush People is the teeth of the children. Both Rain and Snowbird, the girls, have teeth that could use braces or some type of care. The parents of the family do not seem all that concerned when it comes to the teeth of the children.

Noah’s teeth are not the worst of the children but they are not what I would call straight. Over the last few decades we have learned that lack of care for teeth can cause major health concerns as human beings age. In fact, some have died from complications caused by cavities and other types of gum disease in the mouth. Hopefully, the Browns realize the importance of dental care and do something about the teeth of the children.

With a show on the Discovery Channel one would think they could afford some type of dental care. Now that Obamacare offers dental care for almost everyone at an affordable price doesn’t it stand to reason that Billy Bryan Brown would use some of the money made from his book to take his children to a dentist? Maybe I am crazy.

Noah’s Letter to Christy

At the beginning of the Noah dating Christy episode there was a focus on Noah writing a letter. His penmanship wasn’t the best but I would imagine some of his brothers cannot write at all. Noah thinks Christy might be the one for him. It will be interesting to see how this second date plays out. He thinks a girl is for him after one date. Obviously Noah has not dated all that much.

“I’ve never met an intellect to match my own.” Well, Noah is a little bit cocky, isn’t he? Noah is considering going from dating to “courting” with courting meaning marriage.

Noah Dates Christy

On the next episode of Alaskan Bush People in mid July 2015, after Shark Week, we get to see Noah try to go on a second date with Christy. Her name might be spelled Kristi or Kristy but I guess we will find that out the next time the Alaskan Bush People are on TV. I am certain this will be an interesting “date” for this young woman.

We learn that Christy decided to head off to Anchorage and go to college. Noah thought “it was her” but obviously that was not the case. He does seem a little upset. He teared up a little bit.

Noah Brown and the Bicycle Generator for TV

Ok, I have some questions here. How did they get a welder? Also, how did they get a bicycle? If this is truly a “bush” experience should they have tools like this? A welder? In the episode on July 3rd, 2015 Noah works on a bicycle generator that is going to create electricity for the Brown family. This was the same episode Billy Brown went to get the new boat – The Integrity. Billy Brown plans to use this big boat for his hauling business. For some reason I don’t think this is going to make them any money.

The Brown kids have to ride the bicycle for around an hour for them to be able to generate enough electricity to watch TV. This was one of the first episodes I saw in which the Browns are watching TV. It is not a flat screen, LCD TV like most of us are used to. It was a box TV from the 1980’s from what I can tell.

So, the Brown’s have taken on huge amounts of debt to buy a boat for a hauling business in which they have zero experience. Also, they don’t even have a bank account, do that? Does anyone else see the issue with this?

Ami Brown and Alaska State Troopers

There have been a number of people asking questions related to Ami Brown and the Alaska State Troopers (AST). In the last week alone tens of thousands of searches have come to this resource looking for information related to court cases and why Ami Brown might be going to jail. In the comments, you will read plenty about different court cases involving both Billy Bryan Brown and his wife Ami. With a little bit of research you will likely find what happens in the upcoming Alaskan Bush People shows.

For some reason people are looking for Amora and Abby Brown as it relates to the Alaska State Troopers. I assume this is just a misspelling or misunderstanding of the mother’s name on Alaskan Bush People. I would imagine many will be searching for Amy as well. From what I understand, she goes by Ami.

We learn that Ami’s mother is sick and that is why the Alaska State Troopers came to find her.

Bear Gets a Date with Sara

Bear is trying to fall in love with Sara in the latest season of Alaskan Bush People. He has only talked on the phone a handful of times but talks her into a date. She works at an embroidery shop and he asks her if she has embroidered a tree. She obviously says no. He also asks her if she climbs trees and she actually says yes. In the episode that Sara and Bear going on a date they go sledding and Bear thinks he is in love. Billy and Ami are excited about the potential for grandchildren.

Bear wants to wear his camo but his little sister Rain gives him some fashion advice. Bear decides to wash his black tshirt in the frozen lake and then he uses the dryer made by Gabe. Bear is nervous and doesn’t know what to get her for the first date. He wants to give her shells or a knife. That is romantic! Bear ends up spending some money and buys her a chocolate heart.

He meets Sara at the Misty Bay Lodge. Sara has short brown hair that is highlighted with longer blonde hair; it is basically a bob cut. Here is what she looks like:


What is interesting is the fact that Sara is actually taller than Bear. He tries to “tone” down a little bit so he doesn’t scare her. Bear is super awkward during the first date as he is “not much of a talker”. Well, Sara has teeth that will match the teeth of the Brown Family so that will work out.

Sara declines Bear’s invitation to climb a tree, but that doesn’t stop him. He decides to climb it anyway. Bear feels as if he should go on some more first dates as Bear isn’t all that interested in Sara.

Catching Chickens and Cleaning Up Shit

So we have all used the phrase chicken shit in our lives but we got to see true chicken shit in an episode of Alaskan Bush People. Gabe, Bird and Bear have to go get some chickens as a source of food. They are going to eat the eggs as protein. They have to barter for the chickens so the other family asks them to clean out an old chicken coop. The chicken coop was a vehicle that is completely full of chicken shit. After they clean that up they have to chase chickens around the yard until they get a few of them. Snowbird ends up having to catch one that almost gets away.

Father Billy Brown Gets Sick

During the February 13th, 2015 show the main plot line was the dad of the Brown Family, Billy Brown, getting sick. His wife Ami was worried because Billy had been in a coma not that long ago and the doctors never figured out why. Before taking Billy to the town to get medical treatment the family decided they needed to create a bear’s crow nest for the food in case bears came into the camp.

Noah and Snowbird were asked to create a pulley system that would allow the family to put their food in a place in which the bears could not get to it. While they were doing this the other four boys were building a raft. The raft scene was quite chaotic as Bam started to argue with Matt who was in charge. Matt ended up getting sick but the raft was finally made. Another interesting scene was when Rain was making spam at the camp fire. I cannot imagine the diet of these children is very good.

Something interesting I noticed was the weight lifting gloves Noah wears and the cross necklace around his neck. He seems to be one of the more civilized of the family but still has his quirks.

2015 Season Finale

During the 2015 season finale we get to see the Alaskan Bush Family try to live out the dream of building their own house. It looks as if winter and snow sets in a little early causing problems. Some of the boys are trying to use a chainsaw to make the house and it may cause injuries. We will have to wait until next week to see what ends up happening with the Alaskan Bush People house.

During the February 2015 Season Finale the Brown’s built a 24 x 28 home that Billy Bryan Brown promised his wife Ami over 20 years ago. It was accepted that the mom, dad, Snowbird and Rain would be the ones to live in the house while the boys would continue to find somewhere else to live.

Noah Builds Smoker for Meat

A very interesting segment of the show was when Noah was asked to build a smoker for the family. This would allow them to keep the meat safe for a longer period of time. A classic line he used was “I am the Da Vinci of our time”. I thought this was a little much but I think I will start referring to him as Da Vinci from now on.

While Noah is building the smoker Gabe goes with the father, Billy Bryan Brown, to kill a deer. I am not very intelligent when it comes to deer hunting but Gabe rips something out of the deers stomach after he kills it. I know it isn’t the liver because he picks that up and brings it back with them. Does anyone know what this was? Was it the stomach or intestines of the deer? It almost looking lick a bubble of sorts.

After killing the deer we learn that Noach has finished the smoker and he has tagged it with a cross as he tags everything he does with a cross. He mentions his strong religious beliefs but I am not certain exactly what type of religion the Alaskan Bush People are.

Matt Breaks Hand and Creates Splint

Another interesting part of the February 2015 Season Finale was when Matt broke his hand with the family trying to build the roof of the house. It is obvious his fingers are quite messed up but he builds a “Life Made Bush Splint” to help him continue to assist the family while they build the house before the snow hits. I cannot even begin to imagine how much pain he must be in with not even setting his fingers. I guess that is what it takes to be a true “bush person”.

During this particular show we continue to see the fights between Matt and Bam. I think this is something that could play out when the season picks back up in the spring of 2015. We will just have to wait and see.

The Alaskan Bush People House

Well, they built this up quite a bit during this season of Alaskan Bush People. Here it is:



One question I do have is how the heck did they get windows and how did they install windows? I am certain glass doesn’t come naturally in nature; maybe I am wrong.

Alaskan Bush People TV Ratings

So, exactly how many people watch this show on a Friday night? One would think the viewership on a Friday night would not be that high but this happens to be one of the most watched TV shows on Discovery Channel. Here are the stats:

February 13th, 2015 – 3,806,000 viewers

February 6th, 2015 – 3,885,000 viewers

January 30th, 2015 – 3,822,000 viewers

January 23rd, 2015 – 3,734,000 viewers

January 16th, 2015 – 3,155,000 viewers

January 9th, 2015 – 3,017,000 viewers

January 2nd, 2015 – 3,130,000 viewers

Matt Brown Home in a Tree

At the end of the Alaskan Bush People TV Show on Sunday, February 15th, 2015 there was a quick “Off the Grid” bit that showed Matt in his “tree house”. Unlike most tree houses, this particular tree house this house was under the tree in the roots. He explained how he heats it and sleeps in this particular establishment. It is truly amazing to see how these people live. There is no way I could live in the roots of a tree.

Alaskan Bush Boys Look for a Girlfriend and Love

At the end of the February 15th episode three girls came to see the boys. There was a blonde and two brunettes. I didn’t catch their names but the boys seemed to be very interested in these girls. Bear, Matt, Noah, Gabe and Bam put them through an obstacle course and a few of the boys explained that these particular girls were not extreme enough.

If anyone caught the name of the girls please feel free to comment below. I am not certain if these three girls have been on the show before or not. What a plot it would be if one of the boys fell in love and had to deal with the struggles of dating a woman without having a cell phone, a computer or any type of Internet connection. How great would it be to see Noah using Snapchat on a brand new iPhone? That would be glorious.

Alaskan Bush People Message Boards and Discussion

After reading the comments below, I wanted to do more research on Billy Bryan Brown and the Alaskan Bush People. I scoured the Discovery Channel website and other websites for message boards or discussion forums and came up with nothing. It is shocking to me that a show that gets three to five million viewers a week does not have a single message board on the Internet.

Well, if that is the case, I want to open up the comments to any type of discussion you so desire. If there is no where else to have the discussion we might as well have it here. Do not hesitate to leave comments asking questions or simply leave your thoughts on this Discovery Channel TV show. The hot topic right now is how much do the Alaskan Bush People get paid per TV show? Do you think Billy Bryan Brown is keeping the money that is paid to the children?