Matt Mohlke Pool Shark on Mississippi Men TV Show

After watching Gary and Eddie go frog fishing on the Mississippi River it was time to learn more about being a pool shark in towns in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The History Channel TV stated that playing pool in this part of the country was like playing football in the southern part of the United States. I am not certain anything can compare with Friday Night Lights in Texas and other towns throughout the southeast. I will take their word for it that playing pool is a very big part of life in this part of the country.

We learned that Matt Mohlke’s goal is to make enough money to survive by being a pool shark and living on a raft floating up and down the Mississippi River. Having very few expenses it should not take that much to pay for food, beverage and a few clothes here and there. When looking at the Mississippi Men advertising and images on Google search the most common is Matt Mohlke on his raft. He is using a huge oar to push off the bottom of the river and he has a beard and long hair. Here is the common photo:


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In the particular show that I watched Matt ended up at a bar during the day in which an African American man was playing pool by himself. Matt played a few games for $5 apiece with this individual. After winning a few and losing a few he asked to up the stakes. As the alcohol started flowing Matt claimed he started to play better. There was one point in which Matt Mohlke basically ran the table and ended up taking quite a bit of money from the man.

The African American man got very upset with Matt and slammed his pool cue down on the table and broke it. He said he would play one more time for double or nothing and went to the bathroom. Matt was smart enough to get out of there before he got his ass kicked.

The last we heard from Matt Mohlke in that show was that he was floating off to another town to take some money being a pool shark. It was interesting to watch his psychological techniques when trying to win money being a pool shark. I am certain this works in many areas of life but he is trying to bet money on those that have alcohol in their systems. I cannot imagine this is a safe thing to do at certain times of the day and night.

As the show progresses I will try to continue to update this resource on the goings on of Matt Mohlke and his goal of being a pool shark. Do you know anyone that is a pool shark? Do they make a lot off doing this? Can they make $500 or $1000 in a single night without getting their asses kicked? This is something that interests me and I would love to know more.

Matt Mohlke’s Wife and Boat Kristina

During the episode on Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 we learned that Matt’s wife Kristina has bills to pay. Matt decides to up the ante to try and make some more money by being a pool shark in a town along the Mississippi River. He stops at the Midway Bar and sees a younger guy with a hat on backwards. The younger kid is very cocky. Matt thinks he can take quite a bit of money from him.

Unfortunately, the younger kid wants to keep playing for $10 a game rather than upping the bet. Eventually, after midnight, Matt gets the kid to play for $100 a game but only goes home up $100 because he could not be patient around the cocky younger kid. I can imagine this is the case in a lot of small towns in which there are not a lot of people. Matt ends up sending all the money back to his wife as he states it will give him more motivation.

At the end of the show and the preview of the next show there are gun shots and it looks as if Matt may be getting shot at as he runs out of a pool hall. We will have to wait and see what develops with that.

An interesting development I just found is that Kristina and Matthew Mohlke are expecting a baby on April 29th, 2015. You can go to their registry here. I was unable to find any picture of Kristina and Matt together.