Mandy Hansen, Sig Hansen’s Daughter on The Deadliest Catch

The 10th season of the Deadliest Catch was an exciting one as it will featured a brand new star. That star is none other than Sig Hansen’s daughter Mandy Hansen. We have seen small bits and pieces of footage with her involved but she has not been a main character or “employee” on The Northwestern. The Discovery Channel is being a little bit secretive about this addition as Mandy Hansen’s bio isn’t even up on the Discovery Channel page.

The bios that are up, for The Northwestern crew, are Sig Hansen, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen, Engineer Norman Hansen, Deckhand Nick Mavar, Jr, Deckhand Matt Bradley, Deckhand Jake Anderson and Deckhand Karl Rasmussen. After the Tuesday, April 7th Season 10: Revealed show for The Deadliest Catch you can be rest assured that millions of people that watched will be looking for information on Mandy Hansen. Here is what we know so far.


How Old is Mandy Hansen?

Mandy Hansen is 18 years old and we can assume she is a senior in high school or has just graduated. This Instagram picture makes me believe she has graduated high school and is on to other things like working for her father or going on to college.


Does Mandy Hansen Have a Boyfriend?

After scouring her Instagram and Twitter public profiles we cannot verify Mandy Hansen has a boyfriend. That said, she took the following picture with the caption, “One of many adventures to come :)(:” The male in the picture is Elliot Ballard. Maybe we will learn more during Season 10 of the Deadliest Catch as it pertains to the love life of Mandy Hansen.


Notice the tattoo on her shoulder. I cannot tell what the tattoo is of but it looks like words or something very small. If anyone knows what this tattoo is please feel free to inform us in the comments below.

What Does Mandy Hansen Do for The Northwestern?

Being an 18 year old female we can only guess that Mandy Hansen is a deckhand. That said, she is the daughter of the captain of the ship so she may take on even more responsibility in Season 11. The 2015 season will feature plenty of different situations in which both Mandy and her father have to make the proper decision for the team. This will be a very fun season to watch as millions will be glued to their TVs on Tuesday nights in the spring of 2015. Over the next few weeks and months I will try to update this resource with any information that comes available during the Discovery TV show The Deadliest Catch.