Lindsay Phenix of The Wheel Discovery TV Show

The Discovery Channel has not had a huge hit new show in quite some time. In fact, a number of shows have come and gone without much success. In early 2017, the Discovery Channel is “banking” on the new survival show The Wheel which will premiere on Friday, January 13th at, 2017 at 10:00 pm. For those that do not know, this is a very important time slot for Discovery. Maybe Lindsay Phenix will be the pull that brings in millions of viewers.

The 10:00 pm time slot was occupied by Alaskan Bush People and will come right after Gold Rush. Gold Rush is the most watched Discovery Channel TV show meaning there is an opportunity for any show that follows it. The Wheel “dares six participants to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. With every turn of the wheel, each survivalist is dropped into a new isolated location, exposed to the world’s deadliest terrains including freezing tundra, rugged mountains and treacherous rainforest.”

Lindsay Phenix is a 25 year old fitness model and massage therapist based out of Los Angeles. By looking at her Instagram profile, it is quite obvious she is going to be one of the reasons the male demographic will tune in to this show. Here are a few of her Instagram photos:

What is Lindsay Phenix’s Tattoo?

Well, it sure looks like a coffee cup or coffee mug. And it is! Here is what she had to say on her Instagram account “I got something so special put on my body forever. I got a coffee mug on my arm. I did this to remember the strong bond my Pawpaw and I shared. If anyone knows us, coffee was always OUR thing. Over my 25 years of knowing and loving him, I had coffee with him the majority of those days. We had such a connection and the best conversations over a good cup of coffee. He would take me to get coffee from Starbucks after he picked me up from school until I graduated. Then he would make me coffee every morning when I had breakfast with him, or every evening after work. We each had our special cup we would drink out of. Then as the years went by, and he grew weaker, I would be the one making him coffee and he would tell me “just half a cup for me Lin”. He always drank his black, and that’s what I began to do. I wanted to be just like him. On the morning he died, I was by his side, he couldn’t talk but I knew he could hear me. I told him “pawpaw, I’m going to make coffee, I will be right back.” In the 10 minutes I was gone, he passed away. It’s so fitting for him to do that. I know he might not have been 100% on board w tattoos, but I think he would be crying happy tears over this one. Coffee was our thing and now will forever be our thing. I love you Pawpaw ☕️❤️ Melvin W. Phenix”

She is 5’9″ and 130 pounds so she will be the smallest (in pounds) contestant on The Wheel Discovery TV Show. It is also important to note that she does not like the cold weather.

What is Lindsay Phenix’s Ethnicity?

This question will get asked 100 times during every single show. Lindsay is half Latina and half Cajun and was born into a military family. She has lived in six different countries and traveled to 50 others. It is safe to say that Lindsay Phenix is very cultured.

Does Lindsay Phenix Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

From scouring her Instagram and other social media profiles it looks like Lindsay Phenix is single. Or, she does not take photos with a significant other. She has several photos with very close female friends but there are very few pictures with one specific guy.

She does have a photo with her “heart and soul” Clyde which is her dog.

Where Does Lindsay Phenix Work?

In her bio it states that she is a message therapist. After doing quite a bit of research, it is not clear where she works. She is currently training for the 2017 Houston Marathon which will be run on January 17th, 2017. She will also compete in the Ironman Texas 140.6.

It looks like she has a reason to be in the Houston, Texas area quite a bit. We may learn more as to why during The Wheel TV Show.

How Much Does Lindsay Phenix Get Paid Per Episode?

With every one of these reality style TV shows we are often asked how much each contestant or participant gets paid. Let’s just say that she isn’t bring home millions of dollars. In fact, it will be nothing close to this. the best part about being on a national TV show is the opportunity to brand oneself and the exposure. She likely isn’t getting paid much more than $20,000 per episode, if that.

If you are aware of the amount of money Lindsay Phenix is getting paid per episode of The Wheel please comment below and let us know.

Will Lindsay Win The Wheel?

The entire season of The Wheel has been filmed for The Discovery Channel. So, is she going to win? If not, what place does she come in? Well, only a select few people know who wins the show. You will have to tune in every Friday at 10:00 pm to see if Lindsay Phenix wins The Wheel.