Child Genius TV Show Hosted by Leland Melvin

Although Child Genius is not exactly the same as Jeopardy hosted by Alex Trebek it is similar in nature in that a host does ask questions. The host of the Lifetime Channel TV Show Child Genius is Leland Melvin who was a former NASA astronaut. If the season is renewed for a Season 2 you can expect to see many tweets and social media updates as trivia works very well with social media.


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Child Genius Season One Episode Seven Recap

This episode opened up with conflict between Ryan and his parents. All of the contestants were feeling the pressure this week considering it was the semi-finals of the competition, but Ryan’s mother and father’s constant nagging resulted in an argument. Ryan complained that nothing was ever good enough for his mother, and that he couldn’t satisfy her with anything less than a perfect performance. Meanwhile, Yeji and Katherine continued to feel intimidated by each other, and used that intimidation to study even harder. Graham was feeling even more nervous than usual about this round, and stated that he couldn’t believe he had made it this far. As a show of support, his whole family came to the competition to cheer him on.

The first round of this week’s competition was based on inventions. The contestants had two and a half minutes to answer questions about inventions, technology, and inventors that have changed the way we live. Katherine had another great round, scoring 12 out of 15 correct answers. Yeji also performed well, scoring 9 out of 15 correct answers. She went to the judges after the round to contest a wrong answer about a ballpoint pen, but the judges stayed firm on their decision. Vanya had a good round, scoring 11 out of 15 correct answers. Graham did better than he expected, scoring 9 out of 15 correct answers. He also contested a wrong answer with the judges on a question about Alan Turing’s computer, but the judges also maintained their decision. Ryan had a rough round, scoring 5 out of 15 answers correctly. The effects of his strained relationship with his mother were showing.

The second round of this week’s competition was based on literature and the arts. The contestants had two and a half minutes to answer questions about various artists, authors, and pieces of art and literature. Katherine scored 10 out of 15 correct answers. Yeji performed just as well, scoring 12 out of 15 correct answers. Vanya matched Yeji’s performance with 12 correct answers. Graham got 7 answers correctly, which pleased him, as the arts are not his strongest subject. Ryan answered 7 questions correctly, having another subpar round.

The results of this week’s competition were then stated. Vanya was the week’s highest scorer with 23 correct answers. Ryan had the lowest amount of correct answers, and was thus sent home with a certificate of achievement. He told his mother afterwards that it was her fault that he performed poorly, and that her constant pressure had caused him to crack and lose focus. Ryan’s brother also stated that his mother was partially to blame for his poor performance. Vanya, Katherine, Yeji and Graham are now the competition’s finalists. The final episode of the season airs next week and will show which finalist will win the $100,000 college scholarship.