Jim Tom Hedrick Moonshiners News and Updates

2017-2018 Season 7 Update – Many people have emailed us asking if Jim Tom was still on the TV show Moonshiners. He isn’t “showing up” much lately; especially in the 2017-2018 season 7. Some even wonder if Jim Tom is dead or has been thrown in Robbinsville jail. From our knowledge, Jim Tom Hedrick is alive and well and we will likely get to see him in the special 100th episode. Look for him in a lot of “special” episodes as well.

The December 20th, 2016 Jim Tom special was a re-run of him getting the “Golly That’s Good” song recorded in Asheville. Many people want to watch the video and know if the song every got recorded. Some may think the song is titled, “I’m a Moonshining Man” or “White Lightning” but the title is actually “Golly That’s Good”.

Well, it was recorded, but being about to find a CD is going to be quite difficult. Here is the music video:

If there has ever been a TV star that has gotten the social media world abuzz it is Jim Tom Hedrick. His songs, dialect and attraction to women have made him an Internet superstar. Most people may not realize this, but I grew up in the same town that is known as Jim Tom Hedrick’s stomping grounds.

I have known about the Discovery Channel TV show Moonshiners for quite some time. I have also known that Jim Tom Hedrick has been a big part of the show for several years. Having grown up in Graham County and Robbinsville, North Carolina I know all about Jim Tom, moonshining and the “redneck” lifestyle. Since I spent 18 years of my life in that setting I figured I would offer some insight, news and updates on Jim Tom and the show Moonshiners. You can check out my Josh and Bill Moonshiners resource here if interested.

UPDATE: Jim Tom has joined Josh on the 2015/2016 season of Moonshiners and I will go over some highlights below. This is exciting.

Jim Tom Joins Josh in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Now that Josh and Bill have split, in terms of a business relationship, Jim Tom is the first option for Josh. Josh goes up to Robbinsville, North Carolina to ask Jim Tom if he will be willing to work with him on the Cherry Bounce run before the winter. With Jim Tom having nothing else to do in Graham County but sit around, he decides to take Josh up on his offer.

While Jim Tom is still in Robbinsville, Josh goes back to Spartanburg and creates a winterized mash room. He insulates the barrels and prepares to create ‘shine the entire winter. When Jim Tom makes it down to Spartanburg in Josh’s big ass black Dodge truck he is extremely impressed with what he sees. He says it is a “good still, good thumper and good worm”. I honestly have no idea what any of that means, but Jim Tom is the Moonshining expert, not me.

Along with some great songs, Jim Tom makes the first mention of Old Man Kline that I have noticed. I am not certain who Old Man Kline is but if anyone knows feel free to leave the information in the comments below.

Does Jim Tom Have Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?

Absolutely not. When watching Moonshiners you will clearly see that Jim Tom is still using a red flip phone. I would imagine he probably purchased this particular phone at WalMart or a small town cell phone provider. Remember that Robbinsville, North Carolina is not the place for the latest technology. There are still some areas of Graham County in which you can get no cell phone reception or the Internet. The phones from Frontier are constantly going down and social media is just not easy to use.

You may see some fan pages on Facebook and some fake Instagram and Twitter accounts but I can assure you that Jim Tom Hedrick has no idea what tweeting is. He may look at Facebook every now and again but he is not posting to a public page the way in which some celebrities do. What would be classic is if Jim Tom got a Snapchat and started to leave Snapchat stories of himself. He is truly the king of stories as you will read below. We can only hope that Jim Tom gets some type of social media to entertain us. Coming from Robbinsville, I can tell you that almost no one has a Twitter so don’t expect to see Jim Tom on Snapchat or any of the other social media sites soon. If he were on anything it would be Facebook.

Has Jim Tom Been Arrested?

There were multiple rumors that Jim Tom was arrested for drunk driving a few years back. One of my friends from Graham County confirmed that Jim Tom was arrested but you must understand that getting arrested in this part of the state is much different than getting arrested in say Knoxville, Atlanta or Asheville. Jim Tom was likely in jail a very short amount of time. A current Robbinsville resident has told me that many people want to get arrested because it is “two hots and a cot”. For those that don’t know the slang, that is two hot meals and a bed to sleep in. That is better than the living conditions for some that reside in Robbinsville or Graham County.

Many wonder why Jim Tom has not been arrested when you can clearly see what he is doing on the Moonshiners TV show. Once again, understand that things are a little it different in the western part of North Carolina. Robinson’s Grocery, the town or Robbinsville and Snowbird are all clearly depicted in the TV show. Everyone that has been to that part of North Carolina knows where these places are so it is not like the police cannot find Jim Tom. In the 2014 “Nashville” special Jim Tom was pulled over while riding his Scooter by a police officer. He had moonshine on his scooter and the police officer didn’t even look or ask questions.

What is Jim Tom’s Cell Phone Number?

As I previously mentioned, Jim Tom Hedrick has been seen with a red flip cell phone on the most recent Moonshiners TV shows. It should come as no surprise that many people would like to know his phone number so they can talk to him. On another website someone wanted his phone number because they had a song for him and wanted him to sing it. Crazy world, the Internet is.

All that being said, Jim Tom’s home phone number would start with (828)479- and then four digits. All Robbinsville land line phone numbers start with 828-479. When it comes to his cell phone it would likely start with (828) then 736, 735 or 508. Those are the common numbers given in Graham County and western North Carolina. If I really wanted to dig up Jim Tom’s cell phone number I could probably do it but I have no desire to post it publicly. If you have a question for Jim Tom feel free to post it below in the comments and I will relay the question.

Is Robbinsville, North Carolina Real?

The answer is yes. I know many people may think this is a fictional place with fictional characters but Robbinsville, North Carolina is real. I great up in the neighboring town of Topton, North Carolina and I graduated from Robbinsville High School. I also played basketball, baseball and ran track and cross country for Robbinsville High School.

The town is comprised of four red lights, an Ingles, a used car dealership and some other small stores. Recently, the Kerr Drug was bought out by Walgreens which was a very big deal in this small mountain town. There are about 8000 total residents in Graham County and Robbinsville High School tends to graduate about 60 to 80 students during any given school year.

If there is anything else you would like to know about Robbinsville, North Carolina please feel free to comment below and I will be sure to answer your questions. I have been out of the area for quite some time but I have friends that have can give me all the dirt on the anything you so desire. I even have friends that are closely related to Jim Tom.


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Jim Tom’s Motorcycle Crash Story

I would love to say that I could translate or decipher this but there are some words I just do not know. This was one of the first YouTube videos that most people saw of Jim Tom. Take it in:

The story starts with Jim Tom talking about 1962 on Halloween night when he went down some branch; can’t really tell where he is talking about. He claims to have ridden a Harley Davidson for two years. On Halloween night, his girlfriend’s sister’s husband is standing there and challenges Jim Tom to a race. Jim Tom says, “Jerry, there ain’t no way.” He throwed it into another cog when racing said individual. This is the spot in the video he mentions going to Robbinsville.

He was doing over 115 mph and the feller he was racing’s father was coming towards him at 85 mph. Jim Tom hit him head on. “I’ll bet you a dollar I was 300 feet high! Imma dead this time.” Jim Tom claims he smoked 20 Lucky Strike cigarettes going over to Andrews. I can confirm that Andrews did have a hospital at one time. The town no longer has a hospital. Andrews is about 35 miles of curvy roads from Robbinsville.

Jim Tom also mentions Granny Squirrel. This is a very small community about five miles from Andrews. It is quite possible get up to 100 mph in this spot as it is coming down off a hill. Supposedly Jim Tom goes to the emergency room. Well, Jim Tom’s momma and her sister were at the hospital getting their teeth pulled. Remember this is Halloween night, 1962. I know I go to the hospital to get my teeth pulled on Halloween night. Anyway.

The doctor says he has to amputate his leg. I can promise you there has never been an amputation in the Andrews Hospital. No way. No how. Jim Tom talks the doctor into not amputating the leg until tomorrow. Doctor comes back the next morning and says, “I’ll be dang, the leg looks better Hedrick”. He stayed in the hospital nine days. At the time, he said gas was $0.33 a gallon.

Every time I hear the story I can come up with even more lies. This is Jim Tom and many of the locals to Robbinsville to a tee. They have caught 100 lb catfish, killed 500 lb bears and won 15 state football championships in the four years they were in high school. One day I am going to go and just collect stories. Good thing we have apps for that now.

I like how the YouTube user that uploaded this video has the name “Hilly Billy”. Next time I go to Robbinsville or Graham County I will be sure to take a GoPro or do some Vine videos with my iPhone. I may even purchase an iPad just to get some quality footage. That is sure to fool them, “What’s that?!”

Where Does Jim Tom Live?

Obviously, Jim Tom lives in Graham County, North Carolina outside of Robbinsville. As you are driving towards Snowbird you will see Robinson’s Grocery on your left. Jim Tom resides not that face from this area are many times on the Moonshiners show you get to see the the Cherohala Skyway and Highway 143 heading into town. This is one of the only two lane roads that I have ever driven in which you can pass in curves. I guess that is why Jim Tom got in his motorcycle accident mentioned above.

If you ever visit Robbinsville there are not a ton of places to get lost. Head out of town and go by the Papa’s Pizza that is on the left. As you go up past John’s Drive and down the hill you will see a sign that points to the Cherohala Skyway which will be a left. Take that road for about five miles and merge to the left instead of the right that will take you to the Skyway. This will take you to the area in which Jim Tom lives. If you want to get really spunky, just ask for Jim Tom at the Ingles in town and I can promise someone can lead you right to him. You can also go to a Robbinsville football or basketball game and ask around. Someone will know. Here is the screen shot of Hedrick Mountain Rd off Snowbird Road:


You can also find it on Google Maps here:

If you can find Dick Branch or Snowbird Rd you should have no trouble finding Jim Tom Hedrick in Graham County, North Carolina. You can put “Hedrick Mountain Rd, Robbinsville, NC” into Google Maps to find the exact location.

“Romeo Ain’t Got Nothing on Me” Song

In the Jim Tom Goes to Nashville two part series of Moonshiners Jim Tom thinks his new song is going to be a hit. The name of the song is “Romeo Ain’t Got Nothing on Me“. In the first part of the series Jim Tom tried to take his scooter to Nashville but the Robbinsville Sheriff stopped him and told him he wouldn’t be legal if he drove his scooter across the Tail of the Dragon and Deals Gap. Having grown up in the area, I can validate that a scooter would not make it across US 129. I have plenty of friends that drove motorcycles and sports cars across the dragon but a scooter would be a disaster.

Here is Jim Tom flipping the bird to studio recorders the first time he went to Nashville to record a song:

Let’s just say that Jim Tom does it his way, as you can see from the Vine video above.

US 129, Deals Gap and the Tail of the Dragon

The Tail of the Dragon is quite the drive. When I was in high school I used to take the dragon about once a month to head over to Maryville and Knoxville. The fact that I live in Macon County, on the other side of Graham County, meant that I went to Atlanta or Asheville much more than I went to Knoxville. I had many friends that lived by Tapoco Lodge or Yellow Creek that took the Tail of the Dragon and went through Deals Gap almost every weekend.

I also had friends that would see how fast they could go over the mountain. This was not safe but it is something that teenagers love to do. I would be willing to bet there are still Robbinsville High Schoolers that time how long it takes them to go through all the curves over US-129. One of my closest high school friends actually got into a terrible car accident when going over the mountain so before you decide to try to break the old time record I would suggest reconsidering your endeavor. Take it slow and just enjoy the ride like Jim Tom did on Moonshiners.

“Ten Fights to a Jar” Robbinsville Bluegrass Song

Steve Brown’s band is called the Hurricane Ridge and in the second part of the Jim Tom goes to Nashville Moonshiners show they play a song for Jim Tom named “Ten Fights to a Jar”. Although we didn’t get to hear the entire song on that particular Moonshiners show we did get to hear this part”

Down in North Carolina in the Hills of Robbinsville, there’s a man called Jim Tom Hedrick with a 40 gallon still. He’s making moonshine whiskey every day and night. And the kinda stuff he’s cooking will cause a man to fight. It’s got ten fights to a jar that’s what Jim Tom says. It’s got ten fights to a jar that’s what Jim Tom says.

If you have another rendition of this song, especially if you have seen it live, please feel free to leave a comment below as I would love to add a few more versions of this song mentioning Robbinsville, North Carolina.

Jim Tom’s Music CD For Sale

We learned in the second part of the Jim Tom Goes to Nashville Moonshiners show that Jim Tom actually does go to Nashville. Small town Robbinsville boy in Nashville is quite the sight to see. Jim Tom is officially a Nashville recording artist after finishing “Romeo Ain’t Got Nothing on Me”. Finding the Jim Tom Music CD for sale is not going to be easy. I cannot imagine he will be on iTunes or at your local WalMart on CD.

There will be hundreds of people from Robbinsville that will be looking for the Jim Tom music CD. At this point, I have no idea where you can get the “Romeo Ain’t Got Nothing on Me” song. If anyone has any knowledge of how to get the CD or the single song, please feel free to comment below.

Jim Tom Secret Summit Exclusive Interview

During the Secret Summit special on Moonshiners producer Matthew Ostrom interviewed most of the Moonshiners stars in a secret location. Discovery made this out to be a big deal because if the Moonshiners were caught in this secret location they could all be arrested. One face that was noticeably absent was Jim Tom Hedrick. Fortunately, we got an exclusive interview with Jim Tom as discussing walking around New York City drunk.

It should come as no surprise that Jim Tom was drunk when he went to the city.This seems to happen quite a bit as Jim Tom and alcohol go hand in hand. There are a few places on YouTube to watch the Secret Summit series for $1.99 a video. There are also times in which the Discovery Channel will air a Summit Series show before the 9:00 Tuesdays night show that comes out this week. On Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 there will be a Summit Series that premieres so you will want to catch that one to see if there are any more exclusive Jim Tom interviews.

If I watch this particular show I will let you know if it is somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina. The fact that Jim Tom was not “at the table” in the first Summit Series leads me to believe this particular cabin is not very close to Graham County or Robbinsville. In the one on one interview with Jim Tom he states he is like a hermit and he doesn’t go many places. A classic quote from the interview, “I ain’t been to the WalMart in Murphy, I guess in a year or two.” Coming from this part of the country, I can promise you that going to the Murphy WalMart is a very big deal. It is truly quality entertainment.

Jim Tom states that the first liquor still he ever “seen” in his life was in 1955. Jim Tom says he “wasn’t no violent feller.” There is also a brief discussion on Popcorn Sutton. Of course Jim Tom knows Popcorn as he discusses the last time he saw him Popcorn brought him a little of his liquor. He said the would exchange books and recipes. The highlight of the interview was when Jim Tom was were his recipe is. He claims “he’s got it hid.”

“I’m just exactly like Colonel Sanders.” Yes you are Jim Tom, yes you are!

In the Outlaw Cuts interview with the rest of the Moonshiners there is discussion of Popcorn Sutton’s Ass Brandy. If you get the chance to watch the show make sure to check it out from about minute 45 to minute 50 when it is on Discovery. You’ll get to quality Ass Brandy story and a classic quote is “It’ll give you the shits something fierce”. They discuss why you don’t want to get diarrhea when you are drunk on moonshine or whiskey. Well worth the watch so check it out. Discovery tends to air it fight before a brand new episode of Moonshiners on Tuesday nights in the winter.

Jim Tom High School Picture

Many people are looking for old pictures of Jim Tom Hedrick. On a recent episode of Moonshiners they asked Jim Tom about his military service or every being in the army. They showed this picture which had to be Jim Tom’s senior picture at Robbinsville High School. Without further ado, here is young Jim Tom:


If you have the Robbinsville High School annual from back in the day, please feel free to share some of the young Jim Tom photos. I am sure there are a few roaming around Graham County and Robbinsville.

Jim Tom Bowling and Pizza Story

He has some classics but this one is gold. This is the story in which he talks about picking up to “telephone operating” girls at the bowling alley. I would assume this bowling alley was in Murphy or somewhere else because I cannot remember a bowling alley being in Robbinsville. Jim Tom tells one of the girls he just wants some regular peaches but she asked him what kind of pizza he wanted.

He also claims that he bowled a strike the first time he ever picked up a bowling ball. Oh, Jim Tom, of course you did. I am surprised it was a 300 game with a 50 lb bowling ball. I am certain the story gets better every single time he tells hit.

Jim Tom’s Friend Roy From Robbinsville

I am not certain of Roy’s last name but I know he has been on multiple episodes of Moonshiners in Season 3. Jim Tom had to convince Roy to go to The Hub to listen to the release of his song “Romeo Ain’t Got Nothing on Me”. When I lived in Robbinsville The Hub was not there. I assume this is the old Big D which is just down the road from the elementary school and across from the car wash. If anyone from Robbinsville can confirm the building in which The Hub is located I would appreciate it.

Also, if anyone has any more information on Jim Tom’s friend Roy feel free to comment below. I may do some digging and make a few phone calls to see if I can find out more about Roy. He will likely be part of a few more shows coming up. Speaking of which, there are rumors that Jim Tom might get his own show just like Tickle did. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I will keep you updated on what I hear.

Jim Tom’s Moonshine Still Robbed

On the January 27th, 2015 Jim Tom and Roy’s moonshine still was robbed. After getting his copper robbed Jim Tom said, “I’m so mad I could eat a pumpkin pie.” I have no idea what this mean but it did make me laugh. Roy mentioned that he was so mad that he could eat two. It should come as no surprise that someone actually robbed Jim Tom’s still because copper prices have been historically high. In 2015, copper prices have dropped but I am certain when they taped this Moonshiners show copper was at a much higher price.

Jim Tom Animal Calls

In the show before the season finale: Outlaw Cuts Jim Tom and Roy actually make it to the cabin for this one. One of the funniest parts of the show was Jim Tom doing his animal calls. He has a hilarious squirrel call that sounds eerily familiar to a real squirrel. He also does a dog vs cat call that was pretty funny. There is a brief mention of Jim Tom and Roy being on Facebook. Roy mentions that his daughter runs it but Jim Tom runs his own Facebook. The joke is that Roy’s granddaughter made fun of him for dancing on TV. He was dancing a jig when Jim Tom was playing the keyboard during one of the shows.

Jim Tom also talks about going to prison and being part of the “chain gang”. He was sitting on his red scooter while telling these type of ball and chain stories. His one minute outtakes are hilarious. He even talks about using a jackhammer to make a new road.