Irish Mike Craughwell From Big Giant Swords on Discovery

The premiere of Big Giant Swords is on Tuesday, January 13th, 2015. This will likely be one of the more popular shows on the Discovery Channel. The only reason this “idea” has become a show is because a friend of Irish Mike Craughwell, Amerimike Robinson, started sharing these big giant swords on YouTube and all over the web including social media. The next thing Irish Mike Craughwell knew, he was getting orders for $1000 big giant swords. This is an Internet retailer waiting to happen.


Where Can I Buy a Big Giant Sword?

When doing research on buying a big giant sword in early January 2015 it was nearly impossible to find Irish Mike Craughwell. I have a sneaky suspicion we are going to see plenty of retail websites developed on this idea in the next few weeks.

Upon doing quite a bit of research, I was unable to find a way to purchase one of these big giant swords. This is a show that is on national TV in the United States and we, as Internet users, are unable to contact Irish Mike? If Irish Mike Craughwell needs help building a retail website to sell his big giant swords he can contact me at any time. We can get this thing up and running in less than 48 hours so he can sell a ton of big giant swords. We can also do a little SEO to get that thing ranking for every keyword known to man on the front page of Google.

How Much Does a Big Giant Sword Cost?

During the premiere episode Irish Mike Craughwell said that his big giant swords cost around $1000. He is making a sword that looks like a lightning bolt for a storm chaser in the first episode. We will have to see how much he charges this individual. Interestingly, Irish Mike mentions that the majority of people that are looking for a big giant sword are crazy or 12 years old. Unfortunately, both of these groups do not have the money to spend on one of his elite swords.

It is important to remember that a sword this big is not going to be something you can just carry around as part of a costume. This is not ideal for a Halloween costume or for a party. In fact, if anyone knows you bought one of these big giant swords there is a good chance they are going to think you are completely crazy. Well, you probably are completely crazy. I digress.

When it comes to the cost of the swords this is what Irish Mike had to say during his Reddit AMA:

“Everyone, so far, has been telling me i charge not enough. $2,000 gets you a nice sword. But maybe I should charge more.

Ehm… there’s been 1 or 2 of the custom swords where I wasn’t able to convince the clients that a certain element of the sword was going to make it inoperable. And they really wanted to go ahead and have it anyway, because they thought their understanding of physics was better than mine, but I won’t name names…

Standard, historical looking swords. Even if it’s from an anime or manga, if it’s not obviously weird, I won’t accept that commission. Like if somebody wanted me to make William Wallace’s Claymore, which is no different looking than anybody else’s Claymore, I was disinterested.

Ehm… I’ve learned to be incredibly stoic when people tell me that they train every day, or to channel their Chi* and they’ll be able to wield that Darius Axe just fine…”

Where are Big Giant Swords Made?

The Discovery Channel website states that Irish Mike Craughwell lives deep in the woods of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. I am sure with a little bit of research and watching the show Big Giant Swords we will get a better understanding of the exactly location in which Irish Mike lives and the swords are made. From the first few scenes of the show I can tell you that he lives in a very remote part of the country.

I cannot even imagine how much it would cost to ship one of these big giant swords. Some of these swords have to weigh, at least, 50 pounds. How much does it cost to ship a 50 lb sword from Massachusetts to California? I cannot imagine that would be cheap. I guess if you are paying $1000 for a big giant sword you don’t care to spend $150 to $200 on shipping.

Video Chatting to Sell Big Giant Swords

An interest of mine is the scene in which Irish Mike Craughwell was video chatting (I think with Skype) with a potential client/customer. This is something I think we are going to see much more in the specialized retail industry. He mentions that you can see the video of the sword being built and getting tested. This means Irish Mike not only talks one on one with his clients, he also allows them to see basically everything he does to make the big giant sword. Who knows how long these videos are. They could be well over 10 hours. One of his first client’s wanted a Chakram and he confirmed it on a video conference call. He is willing to pay $500 for this Chakram.

The client/customer wanting this was Greg who was a UFC and MMA trainer. At first I thought this was Greg Jackson that trains all the big names but it does not look as if that is the case. If anyone can confirm or deny that would be great. Also, here is the video of the Chakram Irish Mike made:

It doesn’t look like they are using a cheap camera to video tape the process. It looks like a very professional camera with a speaker. If anyone has purchased a big giant sword and has one of these videos I think my readers would love to see it. Please let me know if you have one of these videos that have been created by Irish Mike Craughwell.

The Lightning Big Giant Sword

During the premiere Irish Mike wanted to create a “lightning sword” that truly created sparks with electricity. The sword ended up being about five or six feet long. Irish Mike actually dressed up a Zeus and creates a video with lightning used with the sword. He is fighting Cronus, Zeus’ father. It was almost humorous but I am certain this type of video would go viral. Here is a photo of the sword and a Vine video:


Where are the Big Giant Swords Videos?

Throughout the show Amerimike is videoing Irish Mike using these huge swords. At one point Amerimike said, “You are welcome Internet.” I would love to know the YouTube Channel or Facebook page that is housing these videos. It looks like they are absolutely crazy. If they are airing them on the Discovery Channel during the show I can only imagine they are getting millions of views on YouTube, Vine or Instagram.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Gunblade’s Sword

During Irish Mike’s Reddit AMA he said his most ambitious sword was Lightning Gunblade’s sword from Final Fantasy XIII. It is truly remarkable. Check it out here:


Whale Sword Big Giant Swords Episode

On the January 27th, 2015 episode of Big Giant Swords Irish Mike has to model a sword after a whale harpoon. The sword is going to be used to attract customers that may want to go out on a boat at Martha’s Vineyard. He mentioned the name of the sword but all I could make out was rayhab maybe it is rahab. I don’t think that is it though as he named it after a famous serpent from Greek mythology. He is going to charge the buyer a couple thousand dollars.

Irish Mike wears a homemade respirator that is quite unique. He has a fan backpack and something he pinches on his nose. Who really knows what this guy is wearing during some of these shows.

He wants both swords to be rusty but he is struggle to get the metal to actually rust in a short amount of time. He is going to have to work very hard to make certain the swords rust before he finishes them. I would imagine it is not easy to make metal rust in a short about of time. Jamie has done a great job with the blacksmith work but she may cause a problem moving forward. She completely redeems herself by adding salt and water to the whale sword. It works!

Hound of Hades Metal Band Cerberus Sword

On the February 10th, 2015 Big Giant Swords TV show the Joplin, Missouri heavy metal band Hound of Hades commissioned a Cerberus sword from Irish Mike. They wanted to use it during their shows and to possible destroy some things on stage. Irish Mike was excited so he immediately jumped on this opportunity. Unfortunately, there were a few hang ups when it came to this sword. Irish Mike ordered the metal to make the sword but the delivery driver asked Irish Mike for a COD (cash on delivery). He said Mike could write a check but Mike didn’t feel comfortable doing that.

In this episode, Irish Mike went to a local bank and tried to get a same day loan. Let’s just say that didn’t work. When he got back he found out that the rest of the team paid for the metal and they could get started on the project. Amerimike got a lesson on blacksmithing from Jamie and put in a good solid three minutes or work before going back to the camera.

Here is the rendering of the Cerberus sword which is a replica of the three headed hound that protects “hades”.


Notice that it is three swords in one. The coolest thing about this sword is that the top of the handle is made up of two three foot swords. The big sword, which has dog teeth is six feet long. I think Irish Mike mentioned that the sword was three feet wide at the top. Let’s just say that this is a big giant sword. When it was completed it was a pretty awesome sword. Here is a photo:


This is one of the more impressive swords I have seen made on this show.

Irish Mike’s Daughter Nova’s Bomb

There was a really cool subplot to this show because Irish Mike made a legit, real world bomb that was used on a trebuchet. The scene was something you would see on a History Channel TV show. Irish Mike filled Nova’s bomb with gasoline and they threw it catapult style into a small shed that blew up. Irish Mike definitely likes to blow things up and destroy things.

Eventually, Irish Mike made a much smaller, paper mache bomb with his daughter but the real world, barrel bomb was much cooler in my eyes. Check out the scene where they throw the bomb with the trebuchet if you get the chance.

The Destroyer Sword and Sword Swallower Episode

During the season finale on February 17th, 2015 Irish Mike was commissioned to do a sword for Ean. Ean’s father was known as “The Destroyer” so he wanted to buy a sword that would fit the profile. Originally, Irish Mike asked for $1200 for the sword and Ean said he wanted something more in the $800 price range. They ended up agreeing on $1000.

Ean was a huge pain in the ass for Irish Mike and the team. He first wanted flames on the sword and then decided on caution signs. The handle had to be changed a few times and he kept contacting Irish Mike to get some changes made. Honestly, Irish Mike probably was not compensated properly for his time. That said, it was a pretty awesome sword. At the end of the show the team broke an entire toilet and cut through a ladder. It was a fun ending to the story of the sword.

The other sword that was created during this show was for George the Giant. George has the record for sword swallowing with a 33 inch sword. He wanted a 34 inch sword so he could break the record again. Irish Mike assigned the handle to Jamie. Unfortunately, Jamie’s forge broke so she needed the help of Matthew to create a new forge. He did some research online, likely on YouTube and figured out a way to use charcoal and a shop-vac to create a forge. It ended up working and the sword swallower sword ended up looking great.

A few tidbits about the show that I found interesting were the scar on Erik Bang-Brige’s face and Irish Mike going to the school classroom to show the children what he did for a living. I never noticed the huge scar on the side of Erik’s face in previous episodes. Was it there? Also, Irish Mike teaching children to make big giant swords? That is pretty cool.

Will Big Giant Swords be Renewed for Season 2?

While most would consider season 1 of Big Giant Swords a success it is important to remember the Discovery Channel is a business. If the TV ratings and viewership was not good enough you can be rest assured Discovery will find another “Alaska” or gold mining show to air in the spot that was vacated by Big Giants Swords.

That said, I think the numbers were good enough and there was enough interest that we will see a second season of Big Giant Swords. Many want to know if Irish Mike Craughwell has created a sustainable business to support his wife and children. While Irish Mike has a Facebook page most diehard Big Giant Swords fans will want an update through a Discovery Channel TV show. They will also want to see all the new swords Irish Mike has been asked to make.