Glenn Guist of TV Show Swamp People

On the 100th episode of Swamp People there was a segment in which Liz’s children, Daimen and Destin, were learning to shoot a 22 rifle with Glenn Guist. This is the first time we have seen Glenn on Swamp People in quite some time. The boys ended up beating Glenn at the shooting contest and had the opportunity to cut off his beard. They ended up not doing it as they had never seen Glenn without his beard.

Mitchell Guist’s Death on Belle River

For those that are new to the show, Glenn had a brother Mitchell that was on the show before he died of natural causes on May 14th, 2012. While some thought Mitchell died while alligator hunting it was actually revealed that Mitchell Guist suffered a heart attack which caused an accident on the Belle River near Pierre Part which is where Troy Landry does most of his gator hunting.

Mitchell and Glenn were extremely popular on the Swamp People show because of the unique animals they hunted for food. Here is a video of them frying gar fish:

They were also known to hunt Alligator gar, Blue catfish, Crayfish, Cottontail rabbit, Squirrel, Bullfrog, and Alligator Snapping Turtle. If you watch season 2 and season 3 of Swamp People you will learn much more about Glenn and Mitchell Guist.

Will Glenn Be Back on Swamp People?

After the death of Mitchell many people wondered if Glenn would ever be back on the hit TV show Swamp People. The History Channel knew the popularity of the two but they were not going to take things too far with a man having just lost his brother. As mentioned at the beginning of this resource, Glenn had a large role in the 100th episode with the kids Daimen and Destin. This segment concluded without any type of lead in to another segment. This makes me wonder when we will see Glenn again.

What is interesting is Glenn is still featured when the show begins. One would think the History Channel would pull this section of the intro if Glenn is not going to have a prominent role moving forward in future shows and seasons of Swamp People.

What is Wrong with Glenn’s Eyes?

One of the first things I noticed about Glenn was the discoloration of his eyes. One of his eyes looks light blue, almost white and the other eye looks to be brown. I did not see his appearances in the first few seasons of Swamp People so I am not certain if the show ever explained what was wrong with his eyes. He wears glasses but that doesn’t mean his is not blind in one eye or the other.

Is there a chance that one of his eyes could be a glass eye? I guess when you hunt for alligator in the swamps of Louisiana there is a very strong possibility that you could lose an eye. Heck, with Glenn hunting so much he could definitely have shot his eye out. I am very curious as to why one of Glenn’s eyes looks the way it does. Here is a photo of Glenn’s eyes from his website:


Will Glenn Guist Get His Own TV Show?

It is very common for The Discovery Channel and The History Channel to spin off TV shows for popular characters on reality TV shows. Tickle, from Moonshiners, got his own show and many have predict that Jim Tom Hedrick would also get his own show. With Glenn being such a popular “character” on Swamp People it will be interesting to see how the network uses him in the future.

Swamp People has definitely peaked in popularity and is on the downswing in terms of viewers. When TV networks see this they often find a way to spice things up with some controversy or spin offs of different characters. Do not be surprised to see some of the more popular characters on Swamp People with their own TV shows in the near future. Do you think Glenn will get his own show?