Emily Riedel of Discovery TV Show Bering Sea Gold

During the hit TV Show Gold Rush the Discovery Channel has aired multiple TV commercials for the show Bering Sea Gold. I have also noticed that on Twitter and other social media outlets there are promotional efforts by the Discovery Channel. This makes me believe this will be one of the most popular shows of spring 2015. Doing a little research about the show I quickly found out that one of the stars is going to be Emily Riedel.

One of the reasons Emily Riedel will be the main focus of this season of Bering Sea Gold was the lack of success last year. She spent tons of money on the best equipment for last season and only came away with four ounces of gold. Yes, four! At just over $1200 an ounce it is safe to say that the investment in the most cutting edge technology and equipment did not pay off for Emily. This year her goal is 400 ounces.

Who Are the Members of the Eroica?

The Eroica team is comprised of Emily Riedel, Daryl Valle, Tony Mann and Jonathan “Tons” Isaac Ruppe. Tony Mann was born in Fairbanks but spend his childhood in Bostic, North Carolina. Being from North Carolina, I didn’t even know Bostic existed. For those wondering, Bostic, NC is in Rutherford County right between Asheville and Charlotte.

From the little data that is available online it looks as if Jonathan “Tons” Isaac Ruppe also grew up in Bostic as he has been friends with Tony Mann since the 3rd grade. As we move forward in this season of Bering Sea Gold it will be interesting to see if any sparks fly when it comes to a love interest. During most of these “reality” TV shows there is some type of attraction between the males and females.

How Old is Emily Riedel?

Unfortunately, Emily Riedel does not have a wiki or wikipedia page. How does Being Sea Gold not have a wikia page? I strongly suggest someone make one soon as there is plenty of information people are searching for. In February 2015 Emily Riedel is 26 years old but I was not able to find her exact birth date. If she is 26 she was born in 1988 or 1989 is she has already had her birthday. If anyone knows her exact birthday please leave it in the comments below.

Does Emily Riedel Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

By scouring Emily Riedel’s public Twitter account it does not look as if she has a boyfriend or a husband. There are not pictures with another guy other than from the show. She was wearing Tony Mann’s sweater to go swimming in the photo below:


There are no photos of her in a swimsuit or bathing suit guys so keep looking long and hard. That said, there are many photos on her Twitter page of her in tight dresses or outfits you would see in Hollywood. It looks as if she is becoming quite the star. I lied, I found this one!


Rooney Mara vs Emily Riedel

When looking through Emily Riedel’s photos on Twitter and Instagram it is shocking how much she looks like Rooney Mara who played Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Here are two pictures to compare with Rooney Mara being the first and Emily Riedel being the second.

rooney-mara-emily-riedel-bering-sea-gold emily-riedel-rooney-mara-bering-sea-gold

There will be plenty of people searching to see if the Girl From the Dragon Tattoo is the same one on Bering Sea Gold looking to make a secondary income by gold mining. This is obviously not the case. Some may also feel as if Emily Riedel looks like Emily Blunt as there are comparisons of Emily Blunt to Rooney Mara.

Reddit AMA with Emily Riedel

If you want to learn much more about ice dredging for gold, the TV Show Bering Sea Gold or more about Emily Riedel there is a fantastic Reddit AMA. You can check it out here. Here is Zeke’s response to dating Emily:

Emily and I are not dating. I thought we ended things on amiable terms… WRONG!! hell hath no fury. emily can be an angry vindictive tyrant hailstorm of a woman. I mean, I am no innocent choirboy, but it is amazing how much pure hatred a woman can bring down on you if she feels you deserve it. to be continued.

Here are some interesting responses to Bering Sea Gold vs Gold Rush:

Zeke: Bering sea Gold is Real. yes, the producers have to crate narrative arcs that work in the format – but nothing is made up. if something we say sounds scripted, it is just because we have to “act” some lines to illuminate events that are nevertheless real. on BSG there is a very genuine spectrum of humanity at its best and worse. the anger of Meisterheim? Real. alcoholism? real. suicide? real. the stressed out, strained weathered looks in our eyes? real. life is hard up here, Gold dredging is hard, and the lifestyle ruins people. I have been my absolute worst. lowest. most desperate, strung out, stressed out, self destructive self on camera, and thats what I am most proud of, in a way.

real life is not awesome and heroic, and i feel like i have been real on camera, and i strive to continue to be as real as possible. Gold Rush looks fake. Its heavily produced. Scripted? i dont know. But you dont see those people at their worst, and never will. you see every side of our character stripped to the bone in all its unscripted nastiness. bering sea gold is more than a mining show; its about people who are genuinely struggling at the expense of all else for a dream, and most often are unsuccessful. and so it is largely a show about people at their worst.

that scene with meisterheim punching his cameraman at the bar – thats a very real portrait of bottom barrel desperation and anger I definetely scraped the bottom in a similar way this year and am picking up the pieces. its mostly on film, and its all real. as difficult as it is to like Scott meisterheim, I think he raised the bar for authenticity on the show. watching people at their worst is greasy, but i think that it has the potential to help others that are scraping the bottom as well.


1) Better looking people 2) See above 3) Diving underwater for gold just looks a whole lot cooler than a bunch of fat old guys on diggers Emily responding to a comment:
Right?? I get bored at the sight of old dudes covered in dirt, sitting on excavators. In fact, I’m becoming really sleepy right now, at the thought of it.
Emily: One of the most important things I’ve learned as a gold miner is that nothing is as important as finding gold. All love and war is irrelevant and should be. I don’t care about my past. I only care about having a successful future.
Emily: That’s what’s compelling about this career! if it wasn’t so hard, I think a lot of us would lose interest. It’s classic: high risk, high reward. And gold is very sexy.
This was a great image made by a Reddit (photo credit) emily-riedel-reddit-ama
If you want to learn more about Emily and the show I strongly suggest you read the entire Reddit AMA.

Emily Riedel as an Opera Singer

Many times during the show we will see and hear Emily Riedel singing. In the aforementioned Reddit AMA she explains that a life long dream is to be an opera singer. Balancing life in Alaska dredging and mining for gold and becoming an opera singer is not easy. I am quite positive in the season moving forward we are going to get to hear Emily sing quite a bit.

Where is Bering Sea Gold Filmed?

Nome, Alaska is where the show is filmed and where the cast members live. If you want to know anything about Nome just read Emily’s response on Reddit:

Nome is full of musk ox, reindeer, foxes, and the certifiably insane. I’ve seen seals, whales, crab, walruses, and wolf eels. Wolf eels are the kind of wildlife you never want to see…

For those that have not watched the show Bering Sea Gold it will open your eyes to the different types of wildlife that are in Alaska.

Bering Sea Gold Message Board and Discussion

Much like other TV shows on the Discovery Channel and the History Channel there are very few discussions or message boards online. It seems like everything is on Facebook and who wants to log on to Facebook and deal with the drama anymore? If you would like to chat or discuss this particular Discovery Channel TV show please feel free to leave comments below. I will do my best to update this resource as the season progresses. Are you ready for Season 5 of Bering Sea Gold with a focus on Emily Riedel?

How Much is an Ounce of Gold Worth?

Earlier in this resource I mentioned that Emily Riedel and her Eroica team only recovered four ounces of gold last season. With gold being worth around $1200 an ounce the Eroica team did not come away with much money last season. Below is a three year chart of gold that will constantly update. Note how much gold has come off its highs from several years ago.

Emily Riedel and her team have the goal of 400 ounces this season. That would be worth around $480,000 in February 2015. Remember that the price of gold changes every day so if the price of spot gold increases Emily will be able to sell her gold for more money. Note that Peter Schnabel had the goal of 2000 ounces during the previous season of Gold Rush. Peter has become quite the TV star and it could be the case that Emily becomes even bigger in terms of publicity.

Emily Riedel Gold Tattoo on Rips

Well, here it is. I am not a big fan of tattoos but I can completely understand why she got this one: