Eivin and Eve Kilcher of Alaska: The Last Frontier Discovery TV Show

For the first time, I sat down and watched Alaska: The Last Frontier on Thursday, February 26th, 2015. I know, I am very late to the party. After quite the discuss about Billy Bryan Brown and the Alaskan Bush People I thought it would be a good idea to educate myself about the Kilchers. Much like the Alaskan Bush People the Kilchers live “off the land” on a homestead. Unlike the Alaskan Bush People, the Kilchers seem a little more modernized, educated and sanitized.

When watching the first show I was immediately drawn to the relationship of Eivin and Eve Kilcher. First off, Eivin is a very interest way to spell Evan but that is neither here nor there. Secondly, what are the odds that Eivin and Eve meet in the remote state of Alaska? I digress.

eve-kilcher-alaska-the-last-frontier eivin-kilcher-alaska-the-last-frontier

During the first show I viewed I learned quite a bit about the Alaskan homestead in which these two, and their family, resides. They have chickens, ducks, cows, horses and even a yak. The yak got loose and they had to lasso it and tie it back to the post in this particular episode. We also get to see Eve attempt to cut off the head of a chicken for the first time. She actually missed on her first attempt but killed the chicken on the second attempt. No, they did not show the chicken being beheaded on the Discovery Channel.

Another interesting part of the show was when a hawk got caught in their chicken coop. The two had to work together to finally get the hawk out before it killed any of the chickens. I would imagine there are plenty of problems with birds of prey taking chickens for a meal.

Eve is currently pregnant with their little boy Finley on the way. The Kilchers have to create a well in which running water will get to their house. I find it quite interesting that the family has excavators and backhoes just sitting around on the homestead. These pieces of equipment are worth around $100,000 to $150,000. It is not like it is going to the local WalMart to pick up a hammer and nails.

How Much Do the Kilchers Get Paid Per Episode?

This is the question that gets asked of every single reality TV family. At this point, no one has seen the actual contract for the Kilchers. That said, they have to be making some money as there has been a very strong push towards “Alaskan” type shows over the last few years; especially on the Discovery Channel. The show first aired on December 29th, 2011 so it is one of the older Alaskan shows on TV right now.

From this show came the push for other type of frontier type shows including the Alaskan Bush People. Heck, there are even gold shows that discuss mining for gold in Alaska and other remote parts of the world. If you know how much the Kilchers get paid per episode please feel free to comment below with that information.

Alaskan Bush People vs the Kilchers

There has been quite the debate as to which of these two people are real. In fact, some avid watchers of each show have started a heated argument about which one depicts the real lives of the Brown’s and the Kilchers. Honestly, I have no idea which of these families happens to be real or fake. I have never been to Alaska nor do I have any desire to make life challenging without technology and modern amenities. I do respect the people that can do that but I have zero experience in that part of life.

If you or anyone you know has lived off the land and would like to discuss which family is more “real” please feel free to do so in the comments below. I would love to know your thoughts.

2016 Season and Future Seasons

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 there have been a number of Alaska: The Last Frontier marathons on the Discovery Channel. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas millions of viewers were able to watch dozens of shows back to back. If you had never watched the show before you were able to quickly catch up with what is going on with the Kilchers.

From what I understand, the Discovery Channel is going to continue to produce both this TV show and Alaskan Bush People into 2016. With both TV shows getting very high ratings it makes sense for the Discovery Channel to keep pushing these type of frontier shows. Many people have asked if the Kilchers get paid more money the longer the show is on TV. This is something that only the Kilchers and the Discovery Channel know. You would be shocked to see just how little actors and actresses of these types of reality TV shows are making. Let’s just say they are not making a million dollars an episode.